Animal Wellness

~ Matthew Woodington, DVM As the onsite staff veterinarian for the Eagle Rodeo and a proud member of our Board of Directors; I get asked on a regular basis, “are the animals treated well?”  This is an easy answer for me.  As someone that grew up around rodeo and the horse racing world, I see […]

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Continuing our efforts of becoming “the best small town, throw down around”, the Eagle Rodeo has partnered with Proletariat Wines to bring you exclusive wines for purchase.  This includes a variety that may change from year to year. Distinguishable by the amazing commemorative artwork from local artist, Michael Dustin, the quality of these wines matches […]

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Designated Drivers

Everyone loves to go out with their friends on the weekend, but this often leads to a tricky situation at the end of the night. You still need to get home after having a few drinks. The best way to avoid this potentially dangerous situation is by having a designated driver. These are the five […]

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