Designated Drivers

Everyone loves to go out with their friends on the weekend, but this often leads to a tricky situation at the end of the night. You still need to get home after having a few drinks. The best way to avoid this potentially dangerous situation is by having a designated driver. These are the five biggest benefits of having a designated driver.

Enjoy Your Night Out

Going out with your friends is guaranteed to be the highlight of your week, so you do not want anything to ruin your fun. The safety of the designated driver will make it easier to unwind with a few drinks because you do not have to worry about getting home. Nobody wants to only go out for one drink, so the only way to safely enjoy your night out is by having a designated driver.

Everyone Arrives Home Safe

A designated driver lets you avoid the unnecessary risks of driving after drinking. There is no reason to put your safety at risk when it is so easy to have a sober driver. Everyone rides with a designated driver to the bar and gets safely dropped off at home at the end of the night.

Protects Others on the Road

In addition to protecting yourself, you will also keep everyone else on the road safe by having a designated driver. Drinking and driving is simply one of the most selfish things you can do because you are endangering the lives of everyone you pass on your way home.

No Risk of a DUI

You may feel fine, but it is possible to be legally drunk after only having two drinks. If you get pulled over with alcohol on your breath, then there is a very good chance that you will be charged with a DUI. This can potentially force you to spend time in jail, perform community service, pay hefty legal fees and lose your license. You can easily avoid the unnecessary risks of potentially getting a DUI by having a designated driver.

It Saves You Money

Since you will not have to drive your vehicle while carpooling to the bar with the designated driver, you will save money on gasoline. It also ensures that you will not have to spend money on other expenses associated with drinking too much. There is no need to call a taxi at the end of the night or pay outrageous insurance fees after causing an accident on your way home.

If you are planning on having a few drinks next time you go out, then you absolutely need to have a designated driver. There are simply too many risks associated with drinking and driving to avoid using a designated driver ever again.