Spectators glimpse only mere seconds of the wild and thrilling saga of cowboy versus beast. This dance of dazzling, rough, and often scary entertainment occurs in a flash of pure adrenaline and is over in a brief eight seconds…or sooner. As everyone waits for the results wondering just who won, cowboy or beast, the stock contractors already know–the audience won.

Announcer – Scott Allen

  • Proud to have announced the Eagle Rodeo since 2001
  • The world of professional rodeo isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. I’ve traveled all over the country, worked shows both big and small. I love what I do and expect to go on doing it for a long time.

Stock Contractor – Western Rodeo

  • Dedicated to providing the best rough stock to Eagle Rodeo since 2002
  • Our own Drew Blessinger, a fifth generation Idaho rancher, considers his animals family. Working alongside his son’s Colton and Wyatt, he can look at a bull or bronc and know how they perform. He works to establish the animal’s patterns to make them better for the riders, and knows what stock is going to be a good match for the caliber of riders.

Western Rodeo Facebook Page

Kids Stock Contractor – Rodeo Fever

  • People like Kevin Hensen who owns Rodeo Fever in Caldwell, Idaho make it fun for the kids and give them an opportunity to experience the western way from an early age. Hensen brings in the calves and steers for the kids events, and spends a great deal of his personal time teaching 7-14 year olds the art of bucking steers and horses. Who knows, the kids riding today may be the PRCA and PBR stars of tomorrow thanks to Hensen.

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Security Detail – Boise State Football

  • As part of our commitment to give back, we utilize the BSU Football as security detail for grounds control inside the event. We have proudly sponsored and donated back to the Bronco program for over a decade.

Thank you to our amazing contractors