It’s been almost 100 years the McLeod’s have been a part of Spring Valley Ranch. Its roots can be traced to 1890 when a small ranching community known as “Howell” began to thrive in the area. It was an 80 acre ranching settlement that boasted a general store, blacksmith shop and a post office. In 1916, Colin McLeod Sr., a Scottish immigrant, arrived in Howell and purchased what became known as Spring Valley Ranch. 

Colin McLeod Sr. raised his family on the ranch and began to purchase surrounding parcels, ultimately growing the foothills ranch to about 37,000 acres. The ranch stayed in the hands of the McLeod family, passing from Colin McLeod Sr. to Colin “Smokey” McLeod Jr., and then to Colin “Sandy” McLeod III. For generations, they have raised their families, stewarded the land, cared for their neighbors and built a brand to be proud of.

Colin McLeod’s vision of an eco-friendly community where his family could be raised within a hometown feel, where folks can live side by side with nature continues as Avimor.

Avimor, a community where realism of modern life and the love of Idaho’s outdoors are combined. Eagle Rodeo is honored to hold our event on the land the McLeod’s have cared for generation after generation.

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